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Inside Andy's Cave

Andy's Cave at The Apartments is a series of chambers allowing some really interesting swim-thru experience. Join Shane & Kellie as they explore the cave - look out for the plaster frog. (13.8MB)


The Apartments, of the Sydney, NSW northern beaches, is famous for it's superabundant fish life. Usually this is mostly huge schools of Eastern Pomfred. A still picture couldn't capture the scope, and this movie only really hints at what it's like to be this living mass.

See if you can spot the diver... (4.6MB)


Just a little moray eel at The Apartments in NSW. (720KB)

Dappled Light

The dappled play of light on the rocky reef at Shelly Beach was so pretty, I had to take some pictures of it. (12.5MB)

Stingray in Honeymoon Bay

It's often tricky to tell the scale of stingrays on video, but this one had a wingspan of just over a metre. This is no bull ray, but note the ferocious-looking tail. Vale Steve Irwin - we'll think of you whenever we see these. (5.5MB)