Frequently Asked Questions

When is the wedding?
At 4pm sharp, on April the first, 2017. We ask that our guests arrive 15 minutes early, so everyone can be seated for the processional at 4pm.
Where is the wedding?
The top floor of the Rydges South Park hotel, Adelaide.
When is the reception?
The reception will immediately follow the ceremony and will be located at the Rydges South park hotel as well.
When will invitations be sent?
Most invitations were sent in January 2017.
Do I have to RSVP?
Yes. We kindly ask that you send back your completed RSVP card as soon as possible so that we can finalise numbers with the venue.
Can I email/text/facebook my RSVP?
Please feel free to do that as well – but if you can also send the card back it will help make our planning more straightforward.
Can I bring my child/children?
We would love to invite you to to bring your children and we will have appropriate entertainment, supervision and children’s meals available. Please RSVP your children with your RSVP in 2017, so we can confirm numbers.
Can I bring a date?
Unfortunately, there is a strict limit on the number of guests we can have at the venue. Sadly, we cannot accommodate anyone not explicitly invited.
Is there parking available?
There is limited parking available at the hotel, or on South Tce. We encourage everyone to consider booking a room for the night or taking a taxi though, as we want everyone to enjoy themselves and get home safely.
Where can I stay?
Discounted accommodation will be available at the Rydges South Park Hotel. To book accomodation, please click here. We recommend booking early, as there are a limited number of rooms available.
The invitation says ‘Cocktail reception’ What does that mean?
Our reception will be in the format of a cocktail party rather than a sit down meal. There will be plenty of cocktail food in place of a dinner, and lots of drinks!
Will there be seating at the cocktail reception?
Yes – there will be some seating. We will have a few tables, bar stools and a few booths available to sit down. However, the format lends itself to a lot of standing, mingling and dancing, so we suggest wearing shoes that you are comfortable standing and dancing in.
What should I wear?
Our reception theme is black tie! The basic components of black tie are: tuxedos for the men and floor-length gowns for the ladies. We’d love everyone to dress up in their most formal attire, but if it’s not possible, then dressy cocktail wear is also an option. Kids can wear whatever they like, no need to get a tux / gown for you child unless they want it. Here are some links about black tie that might help:

Where can I rent a suit in Adelaide?
Some options:

I have a food allergy, whom should I tell?
As the menu is cocktail food, there are many options for everyone to choose from. We will have vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options available. Please either let Peter or Nicki know if you have any concerns or additional food requests.
Where are the bride and groom registered somewhere for gifts?
Please believe us when we say that your presence is present enough for us. You were invited because we want you to share our special day with us. For those that wish to give a gift, we suggest a bottle of wine with a note to the bride and groom, for consumption on a special occasion.
Can I smoke?
The venue requests that guests only smoke in approved smoking areas outside of the hotel. Please dispose of cigarette butts thoughtfully.
Can I upload photos to social media?
We kindly request that guests refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. However, during the reception, we invite everyone to take as many pictures as they like. We are happy for these to be uploaded to social media.
Do you have a wedding hashtag for social media?
Yes! #HappyLeesEverAfter. Please use the hashtag so we can view all your amazing photos from the reception.
I’m staying for longer, what can we do around Adelaide?
Have a look at theĀ Adelaide Activities
I have another question, who should I ask?
You can send an email to us at