Hobart day 1

Today we decided to go to the MONA (museum of old and new art). we bought tickets for the “MONA Roma” ferry, but had to walk from the hotel to the terminal. On the walk, we saw bumble bees, which were quite fat and fluffy rather than the honey bees we are used to seeing. There was also a very very steep hill we had to traverse!

For the MONA ROMA, we paid for “posh pit” tickets, so got to sit in the VIP area, and enjoy a class of sparkling wine and canap├ęs as we went to the MONA. We also had some tea & got a great view of Hobart’s famous bridge.

At the MONA, we went through an exhibition called “the origins of art”. It was really interesting, with lots of amazing things for Robin to look at, bright colours, textures, three-d objects and optical illusions.

We had a (disappointing) lunch, the went on a free wine tasting tour. It was terrible, so we had a quick look around the rest of the MONA before heading back to the ferry. At the dock, there was a “Truman show” inspired artwork, cataloging every day of a mans life.

We caught the ferry back, then walked back to the hotel, and met with the babysitter Hannah who we had arranged to look after Robin for a few hours while we had dinner.

The dinner was lovely, even if we got a message that Robin had had a power chuck! Hannah handled it like a pro though though. I won $100 on roulette at the casino, bought two drinks and then spent the rest on black jack!