Kuta to Adelaide

We woke Robin up and left the hotel at about 10pm to make our way to the airport. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1am. On the drive to the airport, a number of roads were flooded from the rain, so much so that you could almost feel the water under the car as the driver drove through it! It took quite a bit longer to get to the airport than usual, but we had left with enough time, so we weren’t worried about the traffic.

Once we checked in, we walked to the gate, which was at the far end of the terminal. We then traveled down a lift to a holding area, before boarding a bus, which took us to the plane on the tarmack. It was raining lightly, so most people got a bit wet trying to walk up the uncovered stairs to the aeroplane. 

Once we boarded, we noticed that the plane was fairly empty. The row of three seats behind us was completely empty, so as soon as the seatbelt sign went off, mum jumped up and clamed that row. This meant that Robin and I also had a row of three to ourselves, and we tried to get some sleep. 

On our arrival, we had to wait a long time for Robins pram, then go though customs and declare some items. Then we were off home for a nap. 

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