Day 15

Continuing to do well – bye to dad for now.

Robin continuous to progress, with no significant issues overnight. He is now two weeks old! Adjusted age of 29 weeks + 3 days. Edging closer to the ‘magic’ 30 week mark.

Weight is up again, as are his feeds – though Nicki is still far exceeding what he needs right now. He is loving milk, and each day we are able to increase his feeds as he tolerates more and more. Breast milk is so good for babies, and helps develop their immune system – which is especially important for preemies.

Peter had a long kangaroo cuddle in preparation for going to Tokyo for a week. Robin loved being close to his dad, and was very comfortable. Again, all his stats stabalised whilst being held. Kangaroo care or skin to skin is really important for neural development, and we love it.

Robin was dressed in his first non-hospital clothing – a play suit of his own that Nicki picked out. Both nicki & peter dressed him together, go teamwork!

Granny Suzy visited after work in the evening to say hello. She said she was shy to read to Robin in front of the nurses, and we’re not surprised! We read to him for a bit today, but the NICU can be either very quiet or very loud, neither of which is condusive for an easy reading environment.


Weight: 1320grams

Feed: 8.5mL/hr moving to 9mL/hr

Air: Optiflow 3L/min 21%

Nurses: Melanie, Denise