Day 21

Back to optiflow

Although the trial without breathing assistance went well, Robin was starting to get tired by the end of the 24 hours and his desat frequency was increasing. The doctor decided it was better to put him back on optiflow for a few days, and give him a chance to grow a bit more and strengthen his lungs.

This is to be expected, Robin has done so well in such a short time, it would have been incredible if he hadn’t needed to go back to optiflow for a bit. We’ll try again in a few days.

Nicki and Robin had a lovely long skin to skin cuddle today for almost 3 hours. Easily the highlight of both our days 🙂

Robin was pulling funny faces today, going cross eyed, as he learns to focus his eyes, and watching his hands – with a very serious concentrating look on his face. It’s fantastic to see the small developments each day.

He now has tiny thin eyelashes growing, and blond eyebrows. His hair is looking strawberry blond, and his eyes are dark like his dad’s. This all may change though, we’ll just gave to wait and see what his hair and eyes turn out to be!

Visitors: Granny Suzy


Weight: 1420 grams

Air: Optiflow 2L/min, 21%

Feed: 10ml/hour continuous (perfuser)

Nurses: Annette, Jane