Gili Air to Kuta

Last night, Robin slept well. We had a nice breakfast, and Robin chased the cat again. Then we packed up, checked out and loaded everything into a pony & cart to make out way to the harbour. Robin loved the trip with the horse, and there was another horse and cart following us so he could watch the horse close up.Once we checked in to the ticket office, we had to wait for an our at the dock. It was really hot and poor Robin was tired and getting frustrated. We took turns holding him, and I took him down to the beach to get his feet wet, but my thong broke. The fast boat was called Wannen Bali. 

The boat docked on the beach rather than the harbour, so I had to strap Robin into the baby carrier and climb carefully into the boat, around the side and into the hull. We went via Gili Trawangan, and true to form, Robin fell asleep almost instantly as soon as we left port. 

After a 2 & 1/2 hour boat ride, we docked and had to get a taxi to Kuta, which took another 2 hours. Robin was pretty well behaved, but was getting understandably bored and frustrated towards the end. We booked a room, even though our flight leaves at 1am so we won’t be staying overnight. We checked in, then headed out for some food.

We bought a chicken soup (bakso) from a street vendor & ate it in the side of the road. It was delish! Next, we walked around and looked at some shops, but we really didn’t want to buy anything. I stopped and got an hour long massage, while Suzy took Robin for a walk. Once the massage was finished, we went down to the beach to watch the sunset. We bought Robin a corn in the cob, and we had a nasi campour each. 

Just before sunset, huge storm clouds rolled in and the rain started. It was really heavy so we sheltered under a big umbrella for 10 minutes until it lighted up. The beach went from very busy to deserted quite quickly. Once back at the hotel & dry, Suzy went out for a massage while I put Robin to bed.

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