Adelaide > HK > Tokyo

Adelaide > HK > Tokyo

A 4am start this morning got us on the 6:30am flight to Hong Kong. We had been upgraded to premium economy, and at check in, they offered Peter an upgrade to business class! But they could only upgrade him, so he politely declined, knowing that life would not be worth living if he left me with the baby on the 9 hour flight and went to business class without us. Robin was tired and cranky for most of the flight, we gave him a score of 6.5 out of 10 for behaviour. He slept for a few hours, but not as mush as we had hoped.

We had a bassinet seat, meaning they set up a bassinet for him in front of us. I had also recent bought a travel bassinet cover called a “fly babee” which helps block out the light. I bought it from a charity auction that supported the women’s and children’s hospital. This helped Robin get a few hours sleep. The airline provided Robin with a meal (some baby food) and he ate a whole jar of hienz puréed apple. I ordered a lactose free meal, which was great on two fronts – first, I didn’t get sick from lactose, but more importantly, I got my food first, meaning Peter and I didn’t have our meals at the same time. This is great, because one of us can hold the baby, while the other one eats.

Once we got to Hong Kong, we went to the first class lounge, and had some soup. They had “day suites” available, which were little private rooms with a day bed and a chair. We spent an hour or so in one of those, and it was wonderful to be able to lay down and breastfeed Robin. He went straight to sleep.

Our flight to Tokyo started off horrible. When we boarded, the plane was super hot, 40 degrees at least. It didn’t take long before Robin was screaming and really uncomfortable. We stripped him down to just a nappy and he was still burning up. The plane was delayed, so we were all stuck in a hot oven. The aircon wasn’t working at all. We filled robins bottle with some water and gave that to him, and he calmed down. There was another little girl in our row, who came and said hello to Robin. He smiled at her a lot and was very friendly.

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful, and Robin was very well behaved. We arrived in Tokyo, and caught a Taxi to the hotel. When Peter went to pay, he was holding robins bottle, and absentmindedly tried to hand it to he taxi driver, which got a big laugh. The hotel left a little stuffed toy for Robin, which he immediately started playing with.

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