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Homeward bound

In the morning, Robin spent time trying to roll over. Although he has done it once or twice, he still hasn’t mastered it.

We don’t have his playmat here, which has poles that cross over at each corner, meeting in the middle above his head. The poles can be restrictive, because as he rolls, he gets stuck up against one of them. Since he has been lying in a blanket on the floor, with a lot more freedom of movement, he seems to be really trying to roll over. Not long now until he is mobile!

The flight back to Adelaide was uneventful, though we had booked a 7:30 flight, and got to the airport 3 hours early, with the hope of changing to an earlier flight. Luckily, they swapped us for the 5:30pm flight, which got us home at lot earlier. Whist waiting for the flight, we were in the lounge and I got a small bowl of noodle salad. Robin thought it was very interesting, and grabbed the side of the bowl, pulling it off of the table. The salad went everywhere! The messiness and having to move things out of his reach has started!