Auckland day 3

Auckland day 3

Peter had meetings today, so Nicki & Robin had breakfast at the hotel before packing and checking out. They then walked down to the quay and caught a free ‘shark’ bus to the Kelly aquarium. Whilst waiting for the bus, Robin charmed some women from Mexico, who were in NZ for a holiday. They were also going to the aquarium, and they helped Nicki take the pram apart and get Robin on the bus. The mother and daughter live in Mexico City, and are speeding a month traveling NZ.

The first enclosure at the aquarium was full

of penguins, and Robin was very interested in them. They were equally interested in him, and a few came up to the glass to get a good look at him.

Robin was equally impressed and intrigued with the jellyfish, clownfish & elephant fish. There was an open rock pool, where Robin touched a starfish, and then it was off to watch sting rays being fed! This was very exciting for Robin, and he really enjoyed seeing the big rays. It was then time for a nappy change, and Robin was the first baby to use the brand new parents room.

In the last section of the aquarium was a moving walkway through an under a shark tank. By this stage Robin was getting a bit tired, so we went back to the sting ray tank so sit down and have a big breastfeed and sleep.

We then travelled back to the hotel, met up with Peter, then caught a taxi to the airport & flew to Wellington. Peter’s work friend Martin coincidentally was seated next to Peter on the plane! Robin was really tired after the big day and slept though most of the flight, and had a feed as we were coming into land, so no crying. The air NZ team filled in his frequent high flyer passport & hand drew an air NZ logo since they didn’t have a stamp.