Day 18

A new talent

Robin has a new trick, he has worked out he can grasp things and pull. Like my necklace… Or his optiflow tube… Or his feeding tube. Although Nicki reassured him that actually, he would benefit from keeping his feeding tube in his nose, Robin though it better to try and pull it out. Repeatedly. The nurses had to tape it down with extra tape to try and stop him from pulling on it.

Good news it that the physio was excited, and said its a very good developmental step. The nurses weren’t so excited about the prospect if having him pull his tubes out and then having to redo them.

Nicki went to the NICU parents group, and gas made a few friends. She didn’t win the Halloween raffle they held though.

Granny Suzy visited, and changed Robins nappy for the first time. Luckily for her, it was only wet.

Nothing much else happened today, a fairly quiet day in SCBU.


Weight: 1370 grams

Air: Optiflow 2L/min, 21%

Feed: 10ml/hour continuous (perfuser)

Nurses: Kate, Clare