Day 19

30 weeks adjusted age

Today marks Robin’s 30 week adjusted age. ‘Adjusted age’ is how we measure developmental expectations for preemies, as “two weeks old” is relative to their gestation when they are born. A baby born at 27 weeks vs a baby born at 34 weeks will act very differently developmentally two weeks after birth.

When we were told Robin was going to be born early, we really hoped to make it to 30 weeks before he was born, so today has been a bit bittersweet. He is doing so well, but milestones like this remind us how early he came, and the struggles we might face in the future.

We are just so thankful that he has been strong and healthy and progressing well each day. We are very lucky he was born at the weight he was. We are lucky we held off labour for 48 hours to get steroids into him to develop his lungs. We are really lucky he didn’t have any lung, heart or brain problems during or directly after birth. The reality remains though, that he was born very early, he is little and has a long journey ahead.

Today, Nicki weighed him for the first time. It took 4 nappies in the space of about 20 minutes to get him with a clean bum, no nappy and on the scales. Great news is that he has gained more weight, and now weighs 1,400gms. We’re edging close to the 1.5kg milestone!

Nicki had a big long cuddle with Robin, so much so that he got too warm! After he had been on Nicki’s chest for a few hours, the nurse checked his temp, and we realised he was slowly cooking! Whoops! We removed his hat and blanket, and he was fine to stay for another hour. No harm done 🙂


Weight: 1400 grams

Air: Optiflow 2L/min, 21%

Feed: 10ml/hour continuous (perfuser)

Nurses: Kate, Ari