Day 45

Move to SCBU 2!


Big progress today, Robin has been moved from SCBU 1 to SCBU 2, the next level down or required care. He has also been downgraded to a small cot, which doesn’t support optiflow – which means the doctors are confident that he can breathe unsupported and it’s unlikely he will need to go back. Of course, if he needs to, they can always put him back in a different cot & back on optiflow, but it’s excellent progress. He is in a small room with only one other baby. We call it ‘the executive suite’.

Today Uncle Andrew, Aunty Natasha & Cousin Anastasia visited with Peter and Nicki. Robin was awake and was looking around at all of us. He seemed very interested in his surrounds. We got a chance to put some cute clothes on him from the baby shower, which Nicki loves doing. It’s much nicer to have our own things rather than the standard white hospital linen.

Robin had a really good breastfeeding session today for about 20 minutes on and off. He is getting more confident, but still takes his time and gets tired quickly. Practice makes perfect though, so we’ll continue to practice everyday. Poor Nicki has a bit of mastitis (milk duct blockage) which is painful for her. She is doing everything she can to assist in resolving it, from massage to cabbage leaves and heat / cool packs. Mastitis can turn very bad if it gets infected, so Peter is on standby if Nicki gets a fever, it’s straight to the hospital for her. So far, no infection, so that’s great news.

Robins stats are good, with no bradys or desats, and he gained 60gms! Robin has gained almost a kilo from when he was born, amazing! Every day he gains a little bit more, and it all adds up. We finally found out his blood type : B+, just like his mum 🙂

Visitors: Uncle Andrew, Aunty Natasha, Cousin Anastasia, Granny Suzy


Weight: 2250 grams

Air: no support required

Feed: 30ml / two hourly (gavage) + supplementary breastfeed