Day 63

Aunty Lyn visits

Nicki’s Aunty Lyn came to visit Robin today, and held him for the first time. He was very good and slept through it. Lyn got a bit teary (understandably) as it can be emotional finally being able to hold him. She brought a really cute Santa suit for Robin to wear at Christmas. He is getting presents every day still! It’s very generous and so lovely.

Robin struggled with breastfeeding and bottle feeds today, which was exhausting for Nicki. She ended up having to give him gavage top ups for each of his feeds. We’ll try again tomorrow. Robin also pulled his nasal gavage tube right out, so the nurses had to replace it. Nicki explained to Robin that he would need to up his game in regards to suck feeds if he wants to keep it out. He agreed to try better tomorrow.

Visitors: Aunty Lyn


Weight: 2770 gms

Feed: 70mls, seven times a day – gavage / bottle / breastfeed