Gili Air day 6

Overnight, Robins fever got worse. I woke up with him at about 4am, and he was burning up. I breastfed him for a little while, before measuring his temp of 37.7 & waking mum up. We stripped him down, gave him some panadol and put him in a cool shower. He started to cool down, so we all went back to sleep. In the morning, thankfully his fever had broken and was back to normal. We had breakfast, then got ready for a swim in the pool, but Robin wanted a nap beforehand. He ended up sleeping for a few hours, which gave Suzy a chance to go pick up some food for lunch and go to the harbour to buy fast boat tickets for our trip back to Bali tomorrow. She rented a bike from the resort, which made travelling around the island much easier!

When Robin woke up, we had an early lunch, then we finally made it to the pool for swimming, while Suzy went for a snorkel. We spent about half an hour in the pool, then it was time to get out & so I could get ready for my SCUBA dive! I rode the bike to Scallywags diving, as it started to rain. It wouldn’t be a holiday if it didn’t rain at least one day! 

The dive was close to Lombok, and we saw some really big lion fish. They are very pretty and look like they have feathers on them. We also saw tiny shrimp and some clown fish – one of which was very territorial and bit the instructors finger! While I was diving, Suzy and Robin played outside with seed pods, sand and flowers. 

After the dive, I met up with Suzy and Robin, who had hired another bike, this one with a baby seat. We went and had a cup of tea and a salad, then rode across the island to find a place to watch the sunset. Robin loved being on the bike! He was an absolute star & looked very cute in the baby seat. The rain cooled the whole island down, so I think that made him happy as well.

We went to an outdoor restaurant on the west coast to watch the sunset. The sky was magnificent with the storm clouds and sunset over the water. I’m glad we got to see a good one for our last night. Robin was more interested in harassing a cat, but hopefully one day he will look at the sky as well. We had a light dinner, then headed back to pack.

On the way back, I was bargaining for some souvenirs, and Robin started to complain at just the right time, so I could say “I have to go, this is what I’ll pay, yes or no” they vendor said “yes, ok, for the baby, but it’s very cheap” haha! I probably still paid too much, but I don’t mind. Maybe I can train Robin to be my haggle buddy.

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