Melbourne day 3

Melbourne day 3

Although the it was raining again today, we ventured out to the zoo! Last night, we found out that Peter’s relatives, Jackie & Mani had booked in a tiger experience at the zoo, so we decided to join them! Although Robin and I couldn’t do the tiger experience, we enjoyed walking around looking at the animals.

It rained a lot, so Robin had to spend most of the time in his pram with the rain cover on. This wasn’t too helpful as he couldn’t see much. We did take him out near the elephants, and he was really transfixed on one elephant wondering around the enclosure.

The tiger experience was very cool for Jackie and Mani, and I could watch them from outside of the enclosure. We also saw Orangutans playing, and went into the butterfly enclosure which was really nice and warm. A butterfly landed on Robins pram! There were hundreds of them and it was awesome to experience.

In the end, the rain and cold got to us, so we headed to the gift shop before leaving. Jackie and Mani spoiled Robin and bought him a gorilla toy. How lovely 🙂

For dinner, peter was working, so Robin and I met up with Jackie’s parents, Nick and Janine.