Sanur to Gili Air

Robin was up at 6am this morning, after a very sound sleep sharing a bed with me. We got dressed and woke up Suzy, packed and headed out to a nice hotel for their buffet breakfast. Robin had pancakes and fruit, and made a nice mess for the staff. After a big feed, we walked down to the local beach and went for a walk. As soon as we got back to the place we stayed out, our transfer had arrived. We piled everything into the van and headed to the fast boat office, then to the fast boat!

We didn’t realise, but the fast boat that we had booked wasn’t direct – it took almost four hours, and stopped off at Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Gili Trawagan then finally Gili Air. Robin was not to sure about being on a boat, and cuddled in tight to me. He slept for the first two legs, which was convenient since they were the longest. When we got to Gili T, we had to go along the side of the bit to get from the back to the front. It was too hard to do with Robin in his carrier, so the lady who worked on the boat held him, then once I got the the front, she passed him through the luggage hold! 

We switched over to a snaller boat for the 10 minute journey to Gili Air, and then hired a horse and card to take us and our luggage to he resort. Robin was a bit scared, but liked being on the cart.

Once we checked in and unpacked, we went to the pools for a swim, then had some lunch poolside. It was very relaxing. There are lots of local stray cats that come up and purr for food and pats. Robin think they are fantastic. We also noticed that his 7th tooth has come through! It’s this bottom right incisor. 

In the evening, we walked along the beach to watch the sunset. We walked 2/3rds of the circumstance of the island, before heading into a nice resturant on the beach for dinner. After dinner, we finished the rest of the walk, and retired to bed. 

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