Gili Air – day 1

We had an early start this morning, with Robin waking up just past 6am. He is sleeping very soundly overnight, so I think he gets enough rest by 6! We had breakfast at the resort, pancakes and scrambled eggs. Robin sat in his portable highchair, laughing at the cats as he ate. 

He was looking tired after breakfast, so we tried to have his morning nap, but he wouldn’t sleep. Instead, we got up and went for a walk with the pram, and wouldn’t you know it? He was asleep within minutes. We walked through the centre of the island, and sat for a morning coffee at a warung. Robin was really happy watching the horses and carts trot past and even made friends with the owner. 

We decided to head to the harbour, and it got very hot. We stopped at a resturant for lunch, and sat for quite awhile to cool down. After lunch, I booked a dive for tomorrow and then we headed back to the resort which was a 30min walk in he blazing sun. I had to stop and buy a hat in the way. The afternoon was spent in the aircon, just lazing about and napping. We needed to recover after being out in the heat of the day! 

Just before sunset, we got ready to go out and have a swim in the ocean. We walked around to the sunset side of the island, and had a swim as the sun was going down. Robin is very funny and doesn’t like the sand touching his feet, so he lifts them out of the water as high as he can. It’s very cute. Dinner was at a nice resturant with swings as seats near the bar. They have Robin some cucumber for dinner. He loved it. 

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