Taiwan > HK > Adelaide

Taiwan > HK > Adelaide

We are on our way home!

At breakfast today, the staff were sorry to hear that we were checking out. They even asked to take photos with Robin! He’s going to miss his celebrity status when we get home.

Robin has developed quite a bit while we’ve been away, he is now rolling over easily, and can move himself quite far across the room if we aren’t holding him back. He’s starting to hold his bottle himself, and enjoys eating anything we give him. He is practicing talking, and can sometimes repeat things that sound similar to what we say. He has tried to say “mum” “dad” “hello” “love you” and “hey” we think. Although we don’t think he know what these words mean, he seems to try and make the sounds, sometimes more successfully than other times.

We had a few hours to kill this morning before heading to the airport – so we did what any other reasonable jet setting family does, and we booked our next adventure!

We are off to Mexico in August! Sayonara Japan and Ola Mexico!