Tulum day 2

Tulum day 2

Robin had us up very early after a bit of a rough night. Being a bit sick, he was very clingy and wanted to breastfeed all night, which made it hard for me to sleep. Peter got up with him at about 6, and let me get a precious hour of sleep in peace.

We left the house by 8:15, and drove for an couple of hours to Chichen Itza, the famous Mayan pyramid. It was really large and a wonderful sight to see. There were lots of stalls selling colourful blankets, wooden carvings and Mayan calendars made of stone. We walked around the surrounding ruins taking pictures and trying to stay in the shade. Although there was cloud cover, it was still very hot. I’m glad we brought 8 litres of water with us, we needed it!

Whist waking around, peter spotted some leaf-cutter ants. They climb up trees, cut leaves and transport them down to their nest, pile them in a pile, and grow fungus on them to eat. Really interesting to watch!

After a quick lunch, we drove to a cenote (sink hole) and went for a swim. We parked and then realised it was a 1.5km walk to the cenote. Luckily they had cycle-taxis available, so we hired two to take us, Robin and all our gear to the cenote. When we arrived, we found that we were the only ones there and had a huge deep cavern lake all to ourselves. The water was too cold for Robin, so I sat on the site with him while Peter and Sam went for a swim. There was also a Tarzan rope that Sam happily made use of.

We could hear thunder in the distance, so we headed back to the car for the two hour drive back. It rained most of the way, with the roads flooding in some parts. Part of the way back, we realised we were heading in the wrong direction. Whoops.