Tulum day 1

Tulum day 1

After a relaxing and lazy start to the day, we left the apartment to find a place for lunch. We went to a vegetarian restaurant called “El vegetariano” and had a really nice lunch. Sam had a vegan stuffed capsicum and peter and I had a mushroom burger. Robin are quite a lot of hummus and had some cucumber. We had vegan ice-cream as well, but Robin didn’t like that. There was a big sun shower while we were at lunch, but it was still very hot.

Our next stop was to the dive shop, where Sam and Peter booked in a day of diving for Wednesday. Next, we drove to the beach.

The beach is lined with restaurants and small b&b type accommodation. You can’t actually see the beach from the road, as the view is obscured by buildings and jungle. We went a far way down looking for a place that Sam had stayed at previously, but we couldn’t find it.

We found a car park, and walked down to the beach, but when we got there, we could see that there was a huge black storm front coming in. Not quite perfect tropical beach weather! We made the decision to pull the pin and come back another time. Got some

Good photos though!

For dinner, the Sam and Peter went and picked up pizza, while I stayed home with Robin. The poor little baby has his first cold! He is sneezing and snotty, and has been coughing. He is keeping in pretty good spirits, but is wanting more of my attention than he normally does. We have been keeping him close and monitoring him, but there’s not much we can do for him apart from give him some baby panadol occasionally. We give him lots of hugs and kisses.