Cancun day 2

Cancun day 2

I went zip-lining and swimming in a cenote today, as the elective activity. It was a wonderful and fun day, but not suitable for babies, so Robin and Peter stayed back. They went for a walk down the road to check out where the SCUBA diving place was, and then made it back to the pool for a swim.

Peter’s work friend Kristen saw Robin and immediately offered to hold him and look after him for a bit. Peter was more than happy to let her, so he could eat lunch.

I got back from my adventure at about 3pm, just in time for Peter to head down for a massage. Robin had been having a big nap, and although I needed one, it wasn’t meant to be: Just as I tried to drift off, Robin woke up!

Once Peter got back and we both had showers we headed out from the hotel to look for somewhere to have dinner. We tried an Argentinian steak house, but the large echoy room was making robins protests unbearable. He was getting hot and flustered and we just had to leave.

Our next try was an outdoor Thai restaurant. We set him up in a highchair, stripped him down to just a nappy and gave him some ice to suck on. We thing he may have got a bit too much sun today, even with a hat and sun cream on. He was happy eating ice and cucumber until he fell asleep just after our meal arrived. I think it was a relief to the people around us, as he ha been loudly fussing for a while. Fortunately the other guests were kind and didn’t mind too much.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel room for an early night.