Day 47

First bath!

Peter got his gavage certification today! He is now allowed to gravity gavage feed Robin without supervision. This is important for the early release program. As part of the requirements, Robin might be able to come home whilst still receiving supplementary gavage feeds, but both parents must be able to administer the feeds.

Today we were able to give him his first real bath! Up until now, Robin has been receiving a daily wipe down with warm water and a cloth, but today we actually a got him in some water. He is now stable enough that we can fully remove his monitoring probes for an extended period of time. He still keeps the nasal gastric tube in whilst having a bath, but this has a cap on it, so no water gets in. Robin loved being in the warm water. Nicki held and washed him, whilst he floated calmly and had a look if absolute bliss on his face.

Robin certainly needed a bath today – he was a poo machine! Whilst Nicki and Peter were at the hospital this afternoon, he managed to do a poo almost every hour! Then, after his bath, as Nicki and Peter were drying him off – he pushed another one out before he even had a nappy on! It was straight back into the water to clean him up again.

Our little boy looks so big! Even though he is still smaller than a newborn, to us he seems so much bigger than when he was born. We can’t wait to get him home.

Visitors: None


Weight: 2310 grams

Air: no support required

Feed: 32ml / two hourly (gavage) + supplementary breastfeed