Day 48

Meeting with Dr Headley

Today Nicki & Peter met up with Robins doctor to get an update on Robin’s progress. Dr. Headley is very happy with Robin, and gave him the all clear for breathing without optiflow or any assistance! Our little boy is big enough to breathe unassisted and although he sounds a bit snuffly, he is maintaining his blood oxygen saturation levels perfectly.

Dr Headley has said that we will likely be able to take Robin off of monitors in the next week or so, and then the only thing we need to do is to get him home is wean him off the daily caffeine he receives, and establish a manageable feeding pattern. The caffeine he has been getting each morning is to help stimulate his cardiovascular system, however he should now be large enough to maintain a healthy heartbeat without it. The other medications he receives are pentavite (multivitamin) and feres (iron). He was receiving interfloran (probiotic), however he no longer requires it, so it was stopped a few days ago. When he comes home, we will continue to give him the pentavite and feres.

Nicki’s Aunty Lyn came to visit today, and helped Nicki change Robins cot bedding. Unfortunately the visit was cut a bit short when Dr. Headley arrived early, but it was nice none the less.

Robin received some lovely gifts from the Sluis family this morning – a beautiful book, bib and blanket. Nicki took the blanket straight to the hospital and wrapped Robin up in it like a baby burrito. He looked very very cute & we are so greatful for all the gifts we have received for him, he is very lucky indeed!

We had another successful breastfeeding session today, Robin is really getting the hang of it and over the next week or so we will likely reduce his gavage feed after a breastfeeding session, as he will be getting enough milk direct from the source! Nicki is taking calcium tablets and making sure she stays hydrated to assist with the milk production.

Visitors: Great Aunty Lyn


Weight: 2340 grams

Air: no support required

Feed: 32ml / two hourly (gavage) + supplementary breastfeed