Day 50

7 weeks old

Nicki made a rookie error today – resulting in a bra full of baby vomit. Ew. Robin was given his 1:00pm milk, along with the pentavite mix that he hates, and almost always Briggs up. An hour after his feed, Nicki picked him up, since he was awake and looked like he might want to breastfeed. They say together for about 15 minutes, but Robin refused to nurse. He then proceeded to eject the pentavite and milk, all down Nicki’s front! What a mess.

Luckily Suzy was out and about, so Nicki called her for an emergency stop to Target. Granny Suzy came in and whist Nicki was cleaning up, she had a nice cuddle with Robin, reading him the Winnie the Pooh book. Granny Suzy also changed his nappy and helped to weigh him, just before Robin completely pulled out his nasal gastric tube. This happens fairly frequently, but is still a bit de stressing for Robin. Nicki didn’t mind though, as she got the opportunity it’s to take some photos of him without any tubes for once! After photos were taken, the nurses inserted a new tube, ready for his 7:00pm feed.

Robin is 7 weeks old today and almost double his birth weight! He is growing more and more each day, and really starting to get chubby. This would have been Nicki’s first day of maternity leave had the pregnancy continued. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine him still being in Nicki’s tummy, we are so used to our little boy and his personality now.

Visitors: Granny Suzy


Weight: 2410 grams

Feed: 50mls / three hourly (gavage)