Day 52

No more caffeine

Robins weight dropped below 2.5kg to 2.48, so we think yesterdays weight might have been a misread after all. Tomorrows weight will hopefully push past 2.5kg, so we can really celebrate! It’s a bit of a tease to have his weight go up and down around the 2.5kg mark, but soon he will be double his birthweight, which is very exciting.

Big news today is that the doctor has ceased Robins daily caffeine. His little cardiovascular system is strong enough to maintain a regular heartbeat without the daily stimulant (at least until a daily coffee habit kicks in in his 20s haha) The caffeine was the last of his medications that needed to be administered by the hospital. He will continue to take pentavite and feres when he is home.

The caffeine was particularly used to stop the bradycardias (drop in heart rate) so the test is to see if he has any bradys today while he’s without the caffeine. So far today, he didn’t have any! If all goes well, he is likely to be able to come off monitors tomorrow or the next day! Nicki is particularly looking forward to being able to pick Robin up without all the cables getting in the way.

We’re so close to being able to get him home, it’s now time to get serious about the last few things we need at home. Whilst Peter is away, Nicki is going to go shopping! She’ll be organising a car seat & bassinet, a stroller, and a large supply of nappies and wipes! Robin has a new system of nappy destruction, he likes to poo as soon as a clean nappy is on. So some nappy changes take 4 nappies before he keeps a clean one on for more than a minute! Hopefully this doesn’t continue, as it would be very expensive!

It was also Granny Suzy’s birthday today! Robin wanted to give granny a card, but unfortunately he was asleep when she came to visit. Luckily, Nicki had taken some pictures of him practicing earlier. Happy birthday Suzy!

Visitors: Granny Suzy


Weight: 2480

Feed: 50mls / three hourly (gavage) + supplementary breastfeed