Gili Air day 2

Another early morning, which is actually really nice. The island is quiet and cool before the hot sun hits. We had breakfast together before I went off to Scallywag Scuba for my refresher course and dive. Suzy and Robin went for a walk and saw some chickens, then played with stacking cups and read some stories. In my dive, I saw some giant turtles, clown fish, parrot fish and eels. The reef was lovely, and it was nice to be back diving. My last dive was just before I became pregnant! 

I met up with Suzy and Robin at 12:30 for lunch. We ate quite a lot of food, and it is all so good! After we ate, we went down to the beach and got Robin changed into a swim nappy. I took him out into the water for another swim, and he seemed to be warming up to the ocean a bit. Certainly not nearly as scared as he was in Mexico! 

On the hot walk back to the resort, we saw chickens, cats and cows. There was a boy who had a pet roster, and held it close for Robin to see. Robin was very unsure about it, and didn’t really want it near him. After the walk back to the resort, we spent the afternoon indoors again. The hottest part of the day is a bit unbearable. Suzy took Robin out for another walk in the pram at 5pm, before meeting black up with me for a seafood BBQ dinner. 

Robin crashed out at 6pm, so we put him in the pram and went to dinner. He slept through the whole thing. The resort was hosting a party, and had fireworks, a bonfire and loud music. None of it disturbed our baby, so he must have been exhausted. We didn’t stay for the festivities, but I watched the fireworks from our room. We could hear the music, but because I was also so tired, it didn’t bother me and I went to sleep early. 

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