Gili Air day 3

We had a little sleep in this morning, until about 7:30-8. We had breakfast or banana pancakes and scrambled egg, before goin to the beach for a morning swim. Robin played with his stacking cups in the water & picked up pieces of broken coral. 

For morning tea, we went to Pacamama cafe, where Robin had a red dragon fruit smoothie. It went all over him and he loved it. I had a salad and ice coffee, which were both really nice on another hot day. We went to a shop to get some supplies and nasi campur for lunch. Nasi canpur is rice and other stuff like chicken, beans, fish, sambal and egg, all wrapped up in a price of grease proof paper. It’s very yummy and only about $2.

The afternoon was once again spent indoors avoiding the heat. Robin was like an energiser bunny and was crawling around a lot and playing with everything he could get his hands on. There was no afternoon nap. 

At 4:30, we headed out to do a lap of the island, and Robin fell asleep in the pram before we even left the house. We walked around to the harbour, then continued in to Mola resturant to watch the sunset with a drink and a serve of Gado Gado (veggies with peanut sauce) The sunset was not as impressive tonight, but still nice to watch. 

For dinner, we had to carry the pram a long way over sandy paths. We made it to a resturant in the beach where we had a wood oven pizza, and Robin had green beans, potato and pizza for dinner. We again had to carry the pram with Robin in it back to the hotel through sandy paths, which is a big workout! 

Once we returned, the power went out! This often happens on the island, so people are pretty used to it. It kept going on and off overnight, which we could only really tell by the fact that the aircon would stop. 

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