Gili Air day 4

For breakfast this morning, Robin had banana pancakes with Nutella. He thought it was amazing. He then proceeded to chase the cats around the breakfast area. The cats are too smart though, and run from him as soon as he starts moving towards them. He really likes the cats. We spent the morning by the pool, where we had a lovely swim, then Robin feel asleep while Suzy gave him a bottle. He had a nice long sleep while we sat on the lounge chairs in the shade, watching the silly Europeans sunbaking & getting burned. 

For lunch, we walked through the island to Warung Padang and had a mix of traditional Indonesian food. We dropped of our washing on the way through to the warung. Robin ate Tempe and corn on the cob, and drank fresh coconut water from his bottle. 

In the early afternoon, we slowly made our way back to the resort, stopping along the way to buy some things. I also booked in another dive for tomorrow morning. Once back, we cooled down with air conditioning, cold water and showers. 

In the late afternoon, I convinced Suzy to go snorkelling just in the beach out he front of where we are staying. She came back an hour later raving about how amazing it was, and convinced me to check it out. It really was incredible! I saw an octopus, lots of colourful fish, sea urchins and stone fish. All right outside our door! Suzy even saw a sea snake! 

We left again at sunset to walk around the island, but the sunset was obscured again by a lot of cloud on the horizon. We kept walking around and found a street vendor selling corn on the cob, freshly cooked over hot coals. We bought one for Robin, a bargain at only $1.50. We then found a restaurant to have in, but poor Robin was very hot and tired. He was entertained by the cats for a while though. The walk back was pretty tough, it as still hour and I had Robin in the baby carrier in front of me, which puts weight in my back. He likes it better than being carried on my back though, because he can see more. We walked through the dark backstreets through the island for about 40 minutes until we finally got back and collapsed. Thankfully Robin was happy to go to sleep pretty much as soon as we put him down. 

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