Gili Air day 5

After breakfast this morning I walked down to the SCUBA dive place to go for a dive. The site was called Turtle point, and certainly lived up to its name! We saw a number of big turtles, one as big as me. We also saw a peacock mantis shrimp, which was pretty special. They are brightly covered prawn looking things. There were lots of other colourful fish, eels, nudibranches and pretty coral.After the dive I walked. A lot see what Robin and Suzy had been up to. 

While I was away, Robin had a morning nap, then they had gone for a swim in the pool and a paddle in the ocean to look at the little fish. Robin was a bit grumpy, and felt hot. I checked his temp and it he had a mild fever. Looks like his one year measles vax is making him sick again, like it did in Mexico. I have him some panadol, but he had a big spew a few minutes later. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent indoors, napping, breastfeeding and having a couple of vomits. Poor little boy. Suzy had a nap, then went out for a snorkel while Robin was sleeping. 

After sunset, we walked around to a wildfire oven pizza place for dinner. The island had cooled down quite a bit and had a lovely ocean breeze. The man at the restaurant felt robins head and got worried, so convinced us to call the island doctor. I wasn’t worried though, his fever is low (under 37.5) and he had been keeping fluids down since about 4pm. The doctor never came, so we said we would stop by the clinic on the way home & get a cold compress. 

When we got to the 24hour clinic, and it was closed! A local guy called the doctor, and it turns out he went to Lombok. The other doctor on the island had also left. Whoops! We trudged home, gave Robin some panadol in a bottle of milk, and went to bed. 

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