Tokyo > Taipei

Tokyo > Taipei

To Taipei we go! We had breakfast at the hotel before packing the final things up and checking out at about 11am. Then we caught the ‘limousine’ bus (a transfer coach) for the hour and a bit drive to Narita airport. Robin slept the whole way!

We got to check in just before the counters opened. Once we got our tickets, we went through customs, then into the Cathay Pacific lounge for a few hours. We had some drinks and a bite to eat, and found a corner where Robin could lay on the carpet and play with his toys. This was great, and kept him entertained for the few hours we were there.

Once we boarded, the plane seemed to take 20 minutes to taxi to the runway! We didn’t take off until an hour after we boarded the plane. I fed Robin and he had a sleep until just after take off, then the stewards set up the inflight bassinet for us. Robin was extremely well behaved on the 4 hour flight, he played quietly, had a few sleeps and had a few feeds. We were really happy with how easy it was to travel with him (this time!)

On arrival in Taipei, we went through immigration, picked up our bags and got in the fancy BMW sent from the hotel to pick us up. The drive from the airport to the city and hotel is about 45 minutes, and Robin say on my lap looking at the lights and smiling. He was in a very good mood!

Our new hotel room is huge, and the king size bed is so big it dwarfs Robin! We skipped dinner, since it felt like we had been eating and sitting all day.

We gave Robin 10/10 for his tracks behaviour today, which was nice since he turned 9 months old today! Where has that time gone?